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GLADS is proud to subsidize adoption costs for a growing list of newly established families

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The Tillman Family

"We are so blessed to have been given such a nice grant. With out of state adoptions there are many costs that are unknown and even unexpected. We incurred a lot of expenses from two unexpected plane tickets to North Carolina on a matter of an hour’s notice, two and a half driving trips of 15+ hours to and from North Carolina/Arkansas. Two diff. lodging arrangements, multiple doctor visits, food, etc. We were able to use a credit card for most of these expenses and this grant helped to relieve some of that financial burden. All well worth it for the blessing we received! Thank you again for giving us this gift!"

The Carl Family

"The costs associated with adoption can be staggering and very discouraging, so when we found out that we had received a grant from IDSC/SUFD/GLADS to help cover some of the costs of our adoption, we were overjoyed! We are deeply grateful for the generosity of the donors who made this grant possible, and thank you for being a part of our family's adoption story!"

The Raschka Family

"Corbin’s adoption cost were on the very high end. The other side of Corbin coming into our lives has been his medical needs. We spent the first three months in hospitals while he underwent open heart surgery and complications from that surgery. There were many costs that went with that as you can imagine. So getting this grant to help with the adoption was a huge help. We are forever greatful (sic)."

National Down Syndrome Adoption Network

NDSAN is the nation’s leading support group for parents expecting a child with Down Syndrome. Without charging any fees, over 100 parents contact NDSAN each year. Some expectant parents consider termination. Incredibly, after hearing the truth about the wonderful life these people will have, a huge majority change their intention!


New Protections for Down Syndrome Preborn in Ohio?

There is great progress happening in terms of legislation in the state of Ohio. Recently, the Ohio House passed the Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act which prohibits abortions for the sole […]

Progress is Being Made!

Congratulations to The Down Syndrome Centre Cork service user, Abby Dillon who has been chosen (after fierce competition!) as the face of the new Glenisk Baby Yogurts!
Abby, who had open-heart surgery […]


If GLADS is an organization you would like to partner with, contact us through our connect tab or email us directly at Becoming aware of whats going on is only the first step. Taking action is what follows! If you have any questions please reach out.
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