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Down Syndrome Information Act passes in Ohio. Joining the chorus with Delaware, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, this act requires OB/GYN physicians to distribute up-to-date information on Down Syndrome. This law is a powerful tool; ensuring expecting parents learn the truth about life with Down Syndrome, which leads to many additional full term births.

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Iceland “proudly” announces the virtual eradication of people who have Down Syndrome from their society, further evidence of the evolving so-called “civilized” world where being “politically correct” does not extend to people with special needs.

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IDSC offers a variety of support services to individuals/families having Down Syndrome. A great “no-fee” service they offer is to vet potential adoptive parents, who specifically want to adopt a baby with Down Syndrome. GLADS funnels donated funds directly to IDSC, that in turn, pays a portion of the adoption fees to State agencies.

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NDSAN is the nation’s leading support group for parents expecting a child with Down Syndrome. Without charging any fees, over 100 parents contact NDSAN each year. Some expectant parents are considering termination. Incredibly, after hearing the truth about the wonderful life these people will have, a huge majority change their intention!

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New Protections for Down Syndrome Preborn in Ohio?

There is great progress happening in terms of legislation in the state of Ohio. Recently, the Ohio House passed the Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act which prohibits abortions for the sole […]

Progress is Being Made!

Congratulations to The Down Syndrome Centre Cork service user, Abby Dillon who has been chosen (after fierce competition!) as the face of the new Glenisk Baby Yogurts!
Abby, who had open-heart surgery […]


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